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Meet Your Astrologer
Energy Healer


Hello everyone! Nice to finally meet y'all! I'm Tosha [Tosh] and I have studied Astrology for 22 years now. I am an accountant by day but Astrology is truly my passion. Born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana and a resident of Atlanta, Georgia. I have to try my best not to be an Astrology addict sometimes. Not... This is what I do! Many of my clients were total strangers before I guessed their sign. You read that right. 


Astrology works even if we don't want it to and it has helped me in life. Not only do I know myself but I also know others better as well. Growing up I had real issues with people because I could not understand why they did what they did or thought what they thought and so on. Believe it or not Astrology has literally allowed me to

evolve with positivity and a genuine understanding for everyone. Over the years I have tried to prove Astrology wrong but it always prevails.


The most important thing about Astrology in my experiences is that it tells us what makes each other feel happy and that is how I relate. I give everyone what they want and don't ask why ask why not. Energy is real and whether good or bad it transfers. I choose to transfer the good. Astrology is very simple once you can get to understand the language and become familiar with your birth chart. It is definitely giving energy healing vibes...


Explore your energy and live it to the fullest!

Contact Us: 

Black Astrology & Company, LLC

Atlanta, GA

(678) 670-2022

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